Let the talented staff at Short North Piece of Cake create the cake of your dreams! Bring us your ideas and let us make a cake that will have your guests talking and wanting more. We can create anything from simple and understated to extravagant and over the top.

Please place your order at least 5 days in advance to ensure best selection on basic orders. Detailed cakes or shaped 3D cakes may require 2 weeks notice. Last minute orders can sometimes be fulfilled, but selections and flavors may be limited. 

We do our best to accommodate all orders, but due to time and storage, there are some weekends when we have to stop taking orders once we reach our limit.


We’ve listed our most popular cake flavors and fillings as well as basic cake pricing. If you don’t see what you are looking for just ask and we will see if we can do it!

Cake Flavors

Traditional Flavors

Chocolate, White, Yellow, Marble, Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Espresso, Spice, Opera Cream

Deluxe Flavors

Carrot, Banana, Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal), Chocolate Truffle, Italian Cream, Italian Cassada, German Chocolate

Filling Flavors


Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Ganache,  Cream Cheese


Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon Curd, Fresh Fruit* (in season)


Chocolate Cream, Almond Cream, Vanilla Cream, Peanut Butter Cream, Hazelnut Cream, Mint Cream, Strawberry Cream, Raspberry Cream, Caramel Cream, Lemon Cream


OYO Whisky Ganache, Rum Cream, OYO Honey Vanilla Vodka Cream, OYO Stonefruit Vodka Cream

Spirited Upcharge: $3 (6,8,10) $5 (12,14,1/4) $10 (1/2 sheet, Full Sheet)

Icing Flavors

Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Ganache*, Cream Cheese

Ganache Iced Upcharge: $5 (6,8 inch), $8 (10 inch), $10 (12 inch, ¼ sheet), $15 (14, ½ sheet), $25 (Full Sheet)

Individual Cake Pricing Guide

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” el_class=”.dillontable”][bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Size,[bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Traditional%20Servings,[bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Traditional%20Price,[bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Deluxe%20Servings,[bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Deluxe%20Price,[bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Traditional%20Fondant%20Covered%20Price,[bg#438d7f;c#ffffff;align-center;14px]Deluxe%20Fondant%20Covered%20Price|[b;i;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]4%20inch%20round,[align-center]2,[align-center]%246,[align-center]N%2FA,[align-center]N%2FA,[align-center]%2412,[align-center]N%2FA|[b;i;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]6%20inch%20round,[align-center]4-6,[align-center]%2421,[align-center]8,[align-center]%2426,[align-center]%2442,[align-center]%2447|[b;i;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]8%20inch%20round,[align-center]8-10,[align-center]%2430,[align-center]16,[align-center]%2435,[align-center]%2445,[align-center]%2450|[i;b;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]10%20inch%20round,[align-center]12-15,[align-center]%2445,[align-center]21,[align-center]%2450,[align-center]%2467,[align-center]%2472|[i;b;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]1%2F4%20Sheet,[align-center]24,[align-center]%2440,[align-center]24,[align-center]%2450,[align-center]%2480,[align-center]%2490|[b;i;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]1%2F2%20Sheet,[align-center]48,[align-center]%2460,[align-center]48,[align-center]%2470,[align-center]%24120,[align-center]%24130|[b;i;bg#d8cfc1;align-center;14px]Full%20Sheet,[align-center]96,[align-center]%24112,[align-center]96,[align-center]%24132,[align-center]%24224,[align-center]%24244[/vc_table]

“These prices are for individual cakes. Please contact us or see one of our associates for detailed pricing on Tiered or Sculpted Cake designs.”


Cherbourg logo (2)

Now offering Gluten-Free Cakes! We have partnered with Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley to offer some Gluten-Free Cakes.

Cake Flavors:

Vanilla Cake – Traditional buttery and golden vanilla cake. We use Neilsen Massey vanilla and Hartzler butter – all amazing ingredients!

Chocolate Cake – naturally dairy and egg free – This cake is unmistakably chocolatey and made with olive oil.  It is not too dense, too light or too sweet. We highly recommend it with vanilla ice cream.

Carrot Cake – our most popular cake will have you craving more! Made with olive oil it is naturally dairy free and great on the heart healthy scale. We use guaranteed gluten free oats & traditional fall spices.

Lemon Cake –  This delicate and fluffy cake is lightly scented with lemon zest and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Simple and delicious.

6” Cake $30 (8-10 Servings)

8” Cake $45 (16-18 Servings)

10” Cake $55 (22-26 Servings)

12” Cake $75 (30-34 Servings)

Black Tie Cake  – dark chocolate batter, swirled with a cream cheese and chocolate chip filling. A decadent chocolate cake – perfect for all chocolate lovers! =)

6” Cake $35 (8-10 Servings)

8” Cake $50 (16-18 Servings)

10” Cake $60 (22-26 Servings)

12” Cake $80 (30-34 Servings)

Icing Choices:

Swiss Meringue Buttercream – a light airy buttercream with hints of vanilla

Cream Cheese – sweet, creamy & delicious

Chocolate Buttercream – a light airy milk chocolate buttcream

Chocolate Ganache* – dark chocolate decadent icing made simply with heavy cream and chocolate.

Fondant* – a sweet vanilla sugar dough that can be rolled out to cover your cake or used for decorations.

*Additional Charge

Fillings: We have a selection of fillings available. Please ask us for available choices.

The above prices are for a simple décor with an inscription. More detailed decorations can be priced by request. We need extra notice for gluten free. All orders must be placed by Noon on the previous Saturday. Deposit required on all gluten free cakes. Please keep in mind: we are not a Gluten Free or Nut Free facility. We do our best to prevent cross contamination by washing our utensils and pans, but cannot guarantee it has not come into contact with flour or nut products.

Specialty Cake Gallery

Lil Monster Cake

Dino Cake

Paint Palette

Green Race Car

Chihuahua Cake

Noah’s Ark Cake

Pink Elephant

Equality Cake

Pretty Textures

Pretty In Pink

Dump Truck

Lovely Teapot

Steak with Cutlery


Tiki Paradise

Icy Castle

Robot Cake

Chanel Purse

Wine Bottle in Box

Gold Purse

Deep Dish



Wood Works

Burger and Fries

Bear Hug

Baseball Stadium

Game of Thrones


High Heel Cake

Jungle Cake

Make Them Eat Cake


Slot Machine Cake

Sushi Round

Belly Cake

Pink Frill Cake

Baby Boy

Sushi Boat

Leopard Birthday Cake

Beach Cake