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Simple Textured

Chocolate Truffle Decadence

Chocolate Purple Delight

Colorful Pastels

Paint Palette

Decadent Sheet

Sun and Stars

Floral Sheet

Pretty Fall Flowers

Bright Floral Cake and Cupcakes

Open Peonies

Peachy Keen

Edible Picture Cake

Simple Wine Bottle

Buttercream Succulents

Zen Woman

Welcome to the 60s

Watercolor Florals

The Green Dragon

Dessert Delight

Space Cake

Snowy Woods

Sleepy Kitty

Potted Cacti

Paint Pallet


Mermaid Tail

Lovely Purple

Glam Drip

Floral Gold Elegance

Feminine Flowers

Fancy Stripes

Famous Burrito Cake

Double Doggies


Colorful Florals

Cat Tree

Cat Nap

Book Graduation


Mexican Hat

Pink Bowtie

Rose and Pearls

Spooky Hand

Fun Cake

Dog in Purse

Dog House

Couple Women


Born to Shop

Cat and Yarn

Black and Gold

21st (Cake + $75 decorations)

Pretty Textures

Pretty In Pink

Lovely Teapot

Tiki Paradise

Chanel Purse

Zipline Fun

Gold Purse

Game of Thrones

High Heel Cake

Make Them Eat Cake


Slot Machine Cake

Pink Frill Cake

Leopard Birthday Cake

Beach Cake